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Wenzler Capital Group is a multifamily real estate syndication company that specializes in development, reuse, and acquisitions of undervalued properties. Our mission is to create multi-generational investments that grow investor wealth through the acquisition, management, and disposition of multifamily assets.

Wenzler Capital Group, LLC (WCG) through its ownership will invest in every project by committing at least $300,000 per property. WCG specializes in the asset class of $5-$40 million.

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Mike Wenzler purchased his first property 1973 for $13,100. With no credit, the bank required a $3,500 down payment. He obtained an agreement that provided for a revaluation in 30 days and after some sweat equity, they revalued the property and returned 100% of the down payment. With that money, Mike purchased another property and so goes the story.

Fast forward to 2007, Mike, sensing a peak, decided to sell a real estate portfolio of 5 class A office buildings in Dayton, Ohio. He succeeded closing three buildings in December 2007 and the last two in January 2008. His timing was impeccable, yielding returns of over 30% per year to the investors.  As we all know, the crash began later that year.

With Mike’s over 40 years of real estate knowledge, he has decided to reinvest his own portfolio of properties in multi-family as well as redevelopment within opportunity zones. Through skillful property management, efficient operations, and abundant access to capital, the company will strive to consistently maximize profitability for its investors.

Mike’s first acquisition with WCG was an off-campus student housing complex located adjacent to Wright State University. This asset has yielded cash returns to investors of over 35% in less than three years.

His goal for the future of WCG is to grow a real estate investment firm while partnering and training the next generation of real estate professionals to ensure our investment portfolio and returns are multi-generational. 

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