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Wenzler Capital Group specializes in multi-family syndication and redevelopment of commercial real-estate.
Highlighting the three major real estate disciplines: Asset Acquisition, Asset Management, and Property Management. WCG offers its investors a full range of services and expertise to maximize profitability.

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WCG has developed a proprietary acquisition and transactional model to analyze and underwrite potential investments. The model considers property specific information, local market factors, redevelopment costs, and investment return and financing parameters. We  conduct a thorough risk analysis to determine if each opportunity fits with investor objectives. Our disposition plan is constantly in motion to ultimately sell each asset at the optimal time and price in order to maximize ROI and build investor wealth.


WCG covers all financial aspects of property ownership. We treat the real estate assets as an integral component of our total portfolio where expansion of investor wealth is our top priority. We evaluate asset holdings in terms of growth, income, and tax impact.

We are constantly evaluating and coordinating:

  • Strategies for growth, income, and total return

  • Collaboration with legal, accounting, and tax professionals

  • Recommendations on sales, acquisitions, and capital improvements

  • Risk management and insurance

  • Refinancing options, opportunities, and benefits.

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We have developed in-house property and maintenance management strategies that have been perfected over the past 40 years. Unlike most companies who use third-party management, Wenzler Capital Group is able to control every aspect of how the asset is run through on-site property management. We focus on preventative maintenance, reducing redundancies and management inefficiencies, plan value added capital improvements to increase rent, and optimize software and in-house specialities to ensure each asset is fully optimized. Our property management strategy includes:

  • In-house complete property management of both multifamily and commercial properties

  • Oversight of maintenance, repairs, renovations, budgets and debt service

  • Automated rent collection, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems

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